Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moving on....

Decided to move on and have a new blog...but why...oh...really dont know...seeing 2 blogs on dashboard but not a single post...is depressing right??

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Nothing is clear
Nothing is interesting
Nothing is happening
Nothing is impressive
Nothing is worth doing
Nothing is there to look forward to
Nothing...absolutely nothing

And the reason I am very worried (actually extremely worried) is there is nothing to be depressed about..Everything's just fine...it's just that I am depressed and nothing is fine anymore :(

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Here's wishing myself a very happy birthday!! :)
Truly happy with the way things are going on in life...at peace..

Here's hoping for many more such fairy-tale days and living "happily-ever-after" scenarios...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lots of things..and caught in between them..

If I look back at March, it would possibly become the most hectic month till date..
We've had just too many things going on...too many places we went to...
Heard about too many deaths...
First it was father of the aunty who stays with us at home..
and I had to send her off for 15 days to her home town. We had my MIL come in and take care of Dhriti...but I did have to do a lot of stuff...stuff that I am not good at...like cooking :)
Then suddenly my peddanannagaru passed away. A pity that I couldn't visit him often though they stayed in Hyd too..I felt sooo guilty and bad at not having met him for quite sometime..And he always liked me...wished me the best...was a humble person who loved his family dearly..
My father was broke...seeing his elder brother, who was surely better in health dept, pass away in front of him..
And then...as if we switched channels...we were off to Vja to attend my cousin's wedding...
Calling it "attend" would be an understatement...we had to "organise" the wedding....
But now, the "we" in the above statement would be an overkill...I did do some running around etc etc...:)

And in the midst of all this, Shiva celebrated his birthday...I really couldn't think of anything great to do for him on his birthday...but I DID COOK :))

Friday, February 22, 2008


you just suddenly realise that people are very important in your life...Not that you don't believe that...its just that with the day to day routine...you tend to even stop thinking about people, forget calling them, talking to them...
But it doesn't mean you don't care, they are there at the back of your mind ALWAYS...
Today morning I got a call from Putchu...she was feeling low...wanted to talk to somebody...so she called me...Suddenly everything came back, the 10AM meeting did not matter, the traffic jam I was stuck in did not matter, the deliverable that my team is trying to meet and doesn't even look remotely possible...all this didn't matter...
I wanted to be there...talk to her...share her feelings...get her out of that "low". But frankly, I couldn't do much...I spoke to her about some stupid things that she already knew...the daily and the routine stuff...

Amazing how things change...when we were in college...we really did not know the world outside...the problems...the struggles...yet we had loads of things to talk about...but now...when we are a part of that rut...when we are living here in this hell called "world", we know every nuance of it...we have got really nothing to talk about...!!!
After a 5 minutes conversation...it is back to..."So what else" or "Nuvvu Cheppu...?"

Have we really lost touch??

P.S: But the intention is still there. I really want to have those looooong conversations...those unending discussions...I really do!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hmmm...nothing much...just lazing around..

so...a year that's gone by...I have been reading the lists- the best, the worst of 2007 all over the place...well actually not all over the place...just all over rediff :))
some people can't change...I mean I can never bring myself to get interested in economics, changing dollar values, the greatest CEOs' of our times...I am interested only in movies...what are the films to look forward to in 2008 (and BTW and good compilation on rediff about that!!)

So, how do I sum up 2007, quite good actually, on the personal front, we came back to India, we've settled down in India, I've been to my parents, my in-laws, relatives and all that...
Downsides of coming back to India, Dhriti has been unwell quite frequently, maybe 'coz of climate change or whatever, but she is fine, quite a brave girl that one.

But in general not a great year for the world all over. I thought terrorism was something that was restricted to certain areas/parts of the world only. Bomb blasts in Hyderabad shook the hell out of me.
If someone now predicts that the human race will end by so-and-so year, maybe I'll believe them (looking at the gory acts happening all over the world)
Add to that the fact that we've lost a colleague of ours (quite an young guy actually, all of 38) to heart attack.
I mean, can this really be happening???!!!!

Things like this make life very uncertain, unpredictable.

SO...now for some gyaaan:
Let's make merry, have loads of fun and yes most importantly take GOOD CARE of ourselves.
Go get those regular check-ups done, eat regularly, exercise.

Live life to fullest.

Here's wishing everybody a more peaceful and safe and healthy and happy new year!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

And now for the tag...

Have been tagged by Vidhya to blog about 7 weird or random things about yourself...

Rules of the tag...as explained below:
1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I might have to deviate with 3 & 4 not sure whom to tag next...so will amend that and say whoever reads this gets tagged (not sure if anyone is actually doing that!)

Anyways...coming up with 7 weird/random things that I do...

#1 I am your priority: I can never be happy being any other person in a gang/in a family etc. I need to be loved, pampered and need assurance that I am your first priority. I actually got around to asking my husband to prioritise between myself and our 3 year old daughter...I am that "bad"!!

#2. Always impulsive: I can never plan anything. I am that impulsive person who does things at the 11th hour. And I have strongly influenced everyone in my group at college that only things that we do impulsively succeed anything that is planned fails miserably..

#3. Strong exterior: Anybody who has known me would say I am very strong-willed, adamant, stubborn and then brave...I've tried very hard to build that image. But, actually none of that, maybe stubborn and adamant at times, but surely not brave, that's just a facade.

#4. I hate cooking: No I am not trying to be "hi-fi" by saying that I am a modern woman and hence don't have time and patience for cooking. Not at all, but I somehow detest cooking, staying in the kitchen for so long, waiting endlessly for that "right" taste by letting things simmer on low heat. I really can't do that and that's maybe because to be able to enjoy cooking you should be able to enjoy eating it.

#5. Very short attention-span: I can't concentrate on anything, any activity for a long time. I have very very short attention spans. My first month in the job and a very shrewd manager of mine was able to spot that. I strive hard to hide that fact since that day!

#6. Think & Analyse too much: Smallest and most insignificant things also, I spend too much time analysing them. And somehow I do this only for things that are not meant to be analysed like relationships, frienships, people and their actions...And finally having done this much of analysis I start acting impulsively when the situation demands it...Hmm...so much for the analysis.

#7. Can't really maintain relationships: Yeah that's very true, wherever I am, I have a new circle, new set of friends, new set of things to do. I somehow don't "maintain" relationships as in call up friends, chat with friends, mail friends...not regularly. I have been the most "active" member in my school days and had a whole gang of friends, but don't have contact of any of them now...
Thanks to a few very very very good friends (can't elaborate enough) I am in touch with some of the friends I've made since then...

That's it, its done!!!!!